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S&S Cycles Cam w/ Plate-Gear Drive-Camchest Kit
S&S Cycles Cam w/ Plate-Gear Drive-Camchest Kit
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Product Description :

***2006 Dyna's Excluded***

Upgrade to S&S bolt-in performance chain-drive or gear-drive camshafts

Improves engine performance - higher lift and optimized cam timing S&S Quickee pushrods - easy installation, without removing rocker covers

Replaces stock oil pump, cam support plate, cams, chain tensioners, and tappets with all-new, premium U.S.-made S&S components

Kits for 99-06 models feature an 07-17 style oil pump (included) for better, more consistent oil pressure

Gear-drive kits offer peace of mind - no more worries about cam chain failure

Chain-drive kits include S&S Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners for improved valve timing and chain life

Made in the U.S.A.


Product Name: Camshaft

Type: Gear

Application: Exhaust / Intake

Model: Standard

Grind: 509/ 510G/ 551GE/ 585GE Series

Intake Open: 18

Intake Close: 18

Intake Lift: 0.509"

Intake Duration: 216

Exhaust Lift: 0.509"

Exhaust Duration: 237

Exhaust Open: 46

Exhaust Close: 11

Units: Kit