S&S 557 EZ Cam Gear Drive

S&S 557 EZ Cam Gear Drive
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S&S 557 EZ Cam Gear Drive

Start any engine regardless of displacement or compression ratio with a stock starter

Save your starter and battery; tested for 10,000 starts without running battery down

Allow for easy start by initially reducing crank compression, but once the engine starts and rpm increases, the compression release lobe is centrifugally retracted and the engine runs normally, with full compression, and without any loss in performance

Available in chain drive and gear drive versions

All chain-drive cams include installation kit

All gear-drive cams include 4-gear set and installation kit

Gear-drive cams also available with inner gears only; intended for cam replacement for motors that have already been converted to an S&S gear-drive system

Designed for Tri-Glides and other heavy bikes needing good bottom and mid-range performance

Bolt-in design

Made in the U.S.A.