Ram Mount - Device Cradle - Aqua Box® - Pro 20

Ram Mount - Device Cradle - Aqua Box® - Pro 20

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descriptionHigh-strength composite construction

Small and large sizes include AQUA Box® case, safety lanyard, belt clip button, belt-clip and cradle (attaches to RAM ball-and-socket mounts)

Medium size includes AQUA Box® case and cradle only

Float to prevent accidental loss if dropped in water

Features a storage area that provides buoyancy and is perfectly sized for a driver's license or credit card


Unique patented design allows access to all side buttons on the phone while it is in the case

Replaceable PVC vinyl screen offers a clear view of the screen, allowing easy operation of the touch screen while in the case

Easy to pocket or carry

Text, take photos/video and make/take calls, all while protecting your phone

Contents not included

Does not come with ball mount adapter
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