Lyndall Racing Rotors Smooth 11 Spoke Black

Lyndall Racing Rotors Smooth 11 Spoke Black

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descriptionThe Lyndall Lug Drive™ Full Floating Rotor is an ultra-light friction ring, CNC-machined from high-carbon steel.

The Lug Drive™ Full Floating Rotor fits the ring flush using a 6061-T6 billet Aluminum carrier.

The assembly locks together with a 302 stainless spiral retaining clip in the back, giving the clean uninterrupted look of a solid rotor with the performance you can expect from a high performance full floating rotor by Lyndall Brakes.

When used with the Xtreme Brake Pads, it provides a higher coefficient of friction than any other braking system available for your motorcycle.

The entire rotor weighs 3.6 lbs.

A life-time manufacturer's warranty applies to the friction ring only if Lyndall Brake Pads are used on the rotor at all times.

Each friction ring is individually serial-numbered for quality control.
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