No. 1 Low-Compression Cam - Shovelhead
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Designed with a combination of shorter durations and higher lifts to offer the advantages of a broad torque output through the entire rpm range

Designed for hydraulics, but could be run with solids

Grind #1 is the low-compression version of an "A" grind cam for 74" and 80" models

Made in the U.S.A.

On late 77 and later engines, the pitch diameter on the camshaft, pinion gear and breather valve gear was changed.

These components are not interchangeable with earlier style components unless replaced in sets only.

Late 77 and later gear sets are identified by a circular groove machined in the outer face of the cam gear.

Grind: #1

Intake Lift at TDC: 0,136"

Intake Open: 16°

Intake Close: 36°

Intake Lift: Shovel: 0,427" Pan: 0,450"

Intake Duration: 232°

Exhaust Lift: Shovel: 0,427" Pan: 0,450"

Exhaust Duration: 232°

Exhaust Lift at TDC: 0,136"

Exhaust Open: 36°

Exhaust Close: 16°

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