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Replaces the asymmetrical stock internals with a high-performance twin cartridge set (despite different mounting requirements)

Drop-in cartridge that installs easily in a few simple steps

Includes two mono-tube, dual-chambered, suspension fluid-filled damper cartridges

Nitrogen chamber with internal floating piston

Sealed with a high-pressure core Schrader valve specific to nitrogen

Damper piston and deflective disc shim stack

Performance-rated springs with internal linear spring guide and top-out springs

Machined 303 stainless steel threaded pre-load adjuster

Micrometer preload adjuster and internal linear spring guide is designed for and unique to the Legend AXEO43 system

Increased pre-load range allows fine tuning for various riding styles and weights Internal rebound top-out spring

Hydraulic bumper with polyurethane bump stop

Ride quality is smooth and controlled

Improves stability, cornering and traction

Eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and maneuvering

Firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns

Eliminates bottoming out on large bumps or potholes

Reduces dragging floorboards and pegs

Designed for optimum performance with Legend rear suspension system

Made in the U.S.A.

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