Kuryakyn - 4 1/2" LED Passing Lamp - Multi-Color Halo

Kuryakyn - 4 1/2" LED Passing Lamp - Multi-Color Halo

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descriptionRaw Lumen Output: 850 (Passing Beam)

Effective Lumen Output: 560 (Passing Beam)

Low-beam current draw: 0.85 amps

Halo light current draw: 233 mA (24 L.E.D.'s per lamp)

Color temperature rating: 6,500K

Operates via Bluetooth Controller included with Orbit Prism+ Headlamp or select Prism+ Kits (Prism+ Bluetooth Controller, P/N 2468, can also be purchased separately)

Prism+ Bluetooth Controller max L.E.D. capacity is 250, with no zone to exceed 100 total L.E.D.'s (Orbit Prism+ 4-1/2" Passing Lamps halos = 24 L.E.D.'s per lamp)

Uses standard H11 connector

Uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability

Durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens

Exceeds applicable DOT and Transport Canada requirements

Pigtail connector allows hardwired installation on custom applications
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