Joker Machine - Cafe Taillight Assembly

Joker Machine - Cafe Taillight Assembly

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descriptionTrick out your bike with one of these all billet aluminum Lucas-styled LED taillight assemblies

Classic retro styling with state-of-the-art lighting technology, due to Joker's high-intensity dual-function 40-LED clear light cluster inside of a 100% CNC-machined housing and back plate unit

High-quality CNC-machined prismatic polycarbonate lenses, top and bottom for excellent light disbursement; including a license plate tag light

Has 6mm tapped mounting holes spaced 3.408" apart on center

This unit can also be used in a wide array of applications; mounts on a flat surface, fender, bracket or virtually anything you want

Simple three-wire installation

Super-compact dimensions are: 4.500" wide x 2.041" tall x 1.150" thick

Made in the U.S.A.

Does not include mount.
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