Jackhammers Slip-On's 17'-Up 4.5 Inch

Jackhammers Slip-On's 17'-Up 4.5 Inch

Jackhammers Slip-On's 17'-Up 4.5 Inch
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descriptionThese pipes are made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

SVT Jackhammers are one of the loudest and best sounding muffler systems for Harley Touring Models on the market today.

The Jackhammers have a new redesigned baffle now louder than before!

These mufflers are easy to install and demand to be heard! NEW SVT JACKHAMMERS FOR ALL 2017-2019 HARLEY-DAVIDSON M8 TOURING MODELS, Including CVO and Special Models, SVT BONESHAKERS Slipon Mufflers complete set of 2 with custom Jackhammer end caps.


SVT Jackhammers Harley Touring slip on mufflers are compatible with Harley Davidson Touring Models 2017 and up only.

Due to a new innovative all steel Cyclone Baffle System, SVT Jackhammers give you a custom slip on motorcycle exhaust that produces a deep rumble when you cruise, and a deep, throaty growl while you idle.

This muffler set is in a low-profile black with four and a half-inch tips that boldly feature the SVT Jackhammers logo on top.

Made in Alabama USA.

Slip On Motorcycle Exhaust

SVT Jackhammers are an aggressive upgrade to your bike’s exhaust system, even more so than the SVT Boneshaker Exhaust systems!

These mufflers are backed by our fitment guarantee to ensure that all you have to do is order them, install them, and start riding.
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