High Performance Battery- YTX14L-BS
High Performance Battery- YTX14L-BS
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Product Description :

Specifically designed for high-performance engines that need extra cranking power

Superior engineering features include a grid design for maximum cranking amps

High vibration resistance

Feature brass spacers, stainless steel nuts, bolts and star washers

Spill-proof, pre-filled, pre-charged, maintenance-free sealed designed

Made in the U.S.A.

Should be charged once a month when not in service


Product Name: Battery

Type: AGM Maintenance Free

Model: YTX

Length: 6" / 152.4 mm

Width: 3-7/16" / 87.3 mm

Height: 5-3/4" / 145 mm

Weight: 4.6 kg / 10.1 lb

Battery Chemistry: Lead Acid

Volts: 12 V

Battery Capacity: 12 Ah

Battery Maximum Charge Rate: 1.4 A

CCA/Ampere: 200 A

Positive Terminal Location: Left Post

Negative Terminal Location: Left Post

Acid: Factory Activated

Units: Each

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