Fueling 543 Camchest Kit-Twin Cam

Fueling 543 Camchest Kit-Twin Cam

Fueling 543 Camchest Kit-Twin Cam
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descriptionAll necessary components from top-to-bottom of the camchest

Provide maximum reliability, longevity, peak performance, and the coolest engine and oil temperatures obtainable

Quieter and smoother engine operation

Increase oil pressure, scavenge volume and engine oil flow

25-35 degree cooler engine temperatures

15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures

15-30 more PSI of oil pressure

Eliminate wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners

Heavy-duty Fast Install adjustable pushrods can be installed without removing top rocker covers

Includes Feuling® HP+® high-volume oil pump, high-flow billet cam plate, REAPER® Series camshafts, HP+® hydraulic roller lifters, Fast Install® adjustable pushrods,

Timken®/Koyo® bearings, gaskets, O-rings, hardware, ARP® fasteners, washers, moly lube and Loctite®

Conversion chain drive kits update early mechanical-style tensioner systems to the new late-style hydraulic tensioner chain drive system; these kits utilize conversion Reaper® camshafts which have 99-06 inner-cam journals matched with 07-17 outer-cam journals, allowing the use of the 07-17 cam plate and hydraulic chain drive tensioner system; hydraulic chain drive components purchased separately

Installation of gear drive cams will require separate purchase of S&S or Andrews 4-gear drive kit


Product Name: Camchest Kit

Type: Chain

Application: Exhaust / Intake

Model: HP+®

Grind: 543 Series

Intake Open: 15°

Intake Close: 43°

Intake Lift: 0.543"

Intake Duration: 238°

Exhaust Lift: 0.553"

Exhaust Duration: 248°

Exhaust Open: 56°

Exhaust Close: 12°

Units: Kit
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