Focal PC 165F
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Product Description :

Natural sounding coaxial speakers The folks at Focal have never been ones to rest on their laurels, and their pursuit of sonic excellence has led them to a surprising discovery flax fibers! At half the weight of fiberglass, these fibers help create a very rigid yet lightweight cone for high-performance speakers. Focal creates this unique cone by sandwiching a layer of hollow flax fibers between two layers of glass fibers, resulting in a lively, accurate speaker that averts unwanted vibrations.

Hearty power handling Focal's Expert Series PC 165F 2-way car speakers combine these innovative flax 6-1/2" woofers with their celebrated inverted dome tweeters. The inverted dome of the tweeters mimics woofer-style sound dispersion, distributing the high frequencies in a wide pattern to create an exceptionally natural soundstage. These speakers will handle up to 70 watts RMS, and powering them with an amplifier will really enhance their dynamic range.

Product Highlights: 6-1/2" flax and glass fiber woofer with butyl rubber surround aluminum frame basket inverted aluminum dome tweeter 4-ohm impedance handles up to 70 watts RMS (140 watts peak) frequency response: 60-28,000 Hz sensitivity: 91.9 dB at 2.83V mounting depth: 2-5/8"