Feuling - Quick Install Pushrods - Twin Cam

Feuling - Quick Install Pushrods - Twin Cam

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descriptionStrength and rigidity of Quick Install pushrods are second only to heavy-duty one-piece pushrods

Tube material starts out as 7/16 rod OD, then gets turned down to 3/8 OD leaving heavy duty 7/16 - 20 threads for the base and jam nut

0.134 wall thickness

Jam nut slides up the pushrod

Base then loosens up into the pushrod to allow Quick Install access

Individual length exhaust and intake pushrods

Install without the removal of rocker covers

NOTE: Correct pushrod/?lifter adjustment requires starting with fully pumped up lifters.

NOTE: Quick Install pushrods have 7/16 - 20 threads per inch. 0.050 adjustment per turn. Two turns = 0.100.
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