Feuling - Adjustable Pushrods - Twin Cam

Feuling - Adjustable Pushrods - Twin Cam

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descriptionMaintains maximum valve lift; increases stiffness and column rigidity

Maximizes valve-train stability to increase engine rpm, horsepower and torque output

Minimal adjustment parameter eliminates flex and loss of valve-train stability problems

Individual length intake and exhaust pushrods keep the adjustment extension to a minimum

Designed to exceed performance engine needs using larger lift cams and high spring pressures while maintaining proper and critical oil flow to top-end valve gear

Made from CNC-machined 7/16" tapered 4130 chromoly steel tube; 32 thread per-inch adjustment

Double jam nut lock system

HP+ pushrod wall thickness of 0.095"; Race Series wall thickness of .120"

Can be used with hydraulic or solid lifters and street or race engines; "Race" Series recommended when extreme spring pressures are used

Fueling pushrods can be used with factory pushrod tubes

Made in the U.S.A.

Require removal of rocker covers and rocker arm supports.
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