EV72 Cam - Evolution

EV72 Cam - Evolution

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descriptionAndrews Products grinds its cams with the help of a computer with cam design capabilities.

This superior technology gives the utmost in both performance and reliability.

Only the best alloy steel billets and heat-treating processes are utilized.

Furthermore, the power in Harley's Evolution engines can be made even more convincing when a superior Andrews computer-designed high-performance cam is installed.

These hydraulic lifter cams are capable of 6000-plus rpm with stock springs and no valve float.

Made in the U.S.A.

For use with Andrews springs and titanium collars

OK for use with hydraulic lifters

Very broad powerband, 2800-6000 rpm

Upgraded EV7, for 92" or larger street motors

Must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance.

Grind: EV72

Intake Lift at TDC: 0,246"

Intake Open: 30

Intake Lobe Centerline: 102

Intake Close: 54

Intake Lift: 0,560"

Intake Duration: 264

Exhaust Lift: 0,560"

Exhaust Duration: 268

Exhaust Lift at TDC: 0,230"

Exhaust Open: 60

Exhaust Lobe Centerline: 106

Exhaust Close: 28
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