XXX Cell Phone Mount

XXX Cell Phone Mount

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Designed to be used with the XXX Risers. Easy to install, motorcycle model specific mounts that incorporate the iOmounts system. You simply install the semisphere to almost any flat surface with included hardware, attach the razor-thin iOadapt stainless steel adaptor to your device, and instantly connect to the powerful iOcore magnetic carrier, no special case needed.

It's a simple, secure, system. Connect seamlessly to other Klock Werks powered by iOmountsT products, including device mounts for your quad, dirt bike, car, home, office and more. Enjoy infinite rotational adjustment, sleek modern design and it's forward compatible. If you upgrade to a new phone or GPS, you don't have to buy a new mounting system. Plus you can purchase additional iOadapt disks to use multiple devices on the same mount.

Made in USA.

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