DSP Line-Level (Magic Box) for 2014 - Present Touring Models
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DSP Line-Level Shifter (Magic Box) for 2014 & Later Harley - (Front Speakers)

Factory radios on 2014 and later Harley-Davidson® audio systems have an output signal that has been tailored by the manufacturer to have a custom frequency response curve which matches the acoustic response of their own loudspeakers. When installing aftermarket loudspeakers and amplifiers the audio system will have excessive gain and likely sound distorted. In order to use different aftermarket loudspeakers and amplifiers with these types of radio head units we need to reprocess the signal to flatten its response. This is done by first measuring the OEM response and then constructing an equalizer to reverse the manufacturer’s signal and generate a flat response output. The Cycle Sounds engineering team did just that when we developed the DSP Line-Level Shifter "Magic Box" interface. This module simply adapts the head unit's frequency response and speaker level signal to match the input level amplitude, impedance and frequency response for aftermarket audio products; all without the need for a dealership to “flash” your radio upon upgrading.

The best part about our DSP Line-Level Shifter is that it uses factory Harley connectors! You can even use the (Magic Box) Line-Level Shifter to simply add an upgraded amplifier to your factory (5-1/4”) speakers, boosting volume and clarity while providing an easy upgrade path for other aftermarket audio equipment. The Magic Box is compatible with our Aftermarket Speaker/Amplifier Connection Kit for 2014 & Later Harley Davidson (p/n: 4405-0266) that includes the OEM connectors for the speaker pods so you don't have to cut or splice a single wire!

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