Drag Specialties - Tall Large Pillow Backrest Pad

Drag Specialties - Tall Large Pillow Backrest Pad

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descriptionSpecially designed to work with models with OEM slotted seat

Pad assembly includes high-quality polished and chrome-plated 9.75" tall detent bar with a design that provides 2" of fore and aft adjustment

All pads fold forward for ease of getting on and off bike

Pad assembly options include a vinyl pillow-style to match tall pillow-style seats, and solar-reflective leather styles that match both lower profile and tall seats; solar-reflective reduces surface temperature by as much as 25F for a cooler contact, higher durability and longer life over conventional leather or vinyl

All large pad assemblies also include a pouch

Made in the U.S.A.

Tall bar is for Ultra-style tall-profile seats.
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