B2 Grind-Camshaft

B2 Grind-Camshaft
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Product Description :

More mid-range and high-end power for street/strip with smooth idle; best cam for 74/80 inchers and small strokers

Spring spacing required, and clearance at main bearing boss must be checked.

Grind: B2

Intake Lift at TDC: Shovel: 0,187" Pan: 0,198"

Intake Open: 26

Intake Close: 50

Intake Lift: Shovel: 0,485" Pan: 0,507"

Intake Duration: 256

Exhaust Lift: Shovel: 0,485" Pan: 0,507"

Exhaust Duration: 258

Exhaust Lift at TDC: Shovel: 0,176" Pan: 0,186"

Exhaust Open: 53

Exhaust Close: 25