Arai Ram-X Solid- Modern Grey

Arai Ram-X Solid- Modern Grey

Arai Ram-X Solid- Modern Grey
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descriptionA new take on Open Face helmets, the Arai Ram-X is sure to keep you comfortable and cool, while still providing top-notch protection for trips to come.

Incorporating the same ventilation system as seen on the Corsair X, the Arai Ram-X maintains the quality of air flow established by Arai.

The new shell shape allows for better fitment, easy on and off, and also comes with a larger shield to protect the rider from the harsh elements.

Comes standard with the new ARAI Variable Axis Shield Pivot System

Lighter weight with new resin compounds

New shell fits lower on the head for better center of gravity and balance

Large shield provides increased bug and wind protection

Top ventilation diffusers are the same as used by the Corsair X Comes standard with the new Pro Shade Shield System (PSS)

Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and Snell standards
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