ARAI HELMETS Regent-X Helmet - Rock - Multi

ARAI HELMETS Regent-X Helmet - Rock - Multi

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descriptionFeatures intermediate oval shape which fits the majority of head shapes in the North American markets

Quick, easy, and intuitive, the Variable Axis System (VAS) shield mechanism was developed to enhance the shape of the shell

The VAS latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help prevent unexpected opening

Larger latch allows for intuitive and seamless shield operation

VAS pivot cover is smaller and lower, yielding more area above the cover

Smooth shell along the Snell test line in the temple area increases the helmet's ability to glance off objects during an impact

Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction (PB-CLC) shell is developed to be both light and stronger

Adjustable perimeter liner and cheek pads allow owners to custom fit to their exact size requirement

Soft-brushed, removable liner allows for easy cleaning and provides incredible comfort

FCS® Cheek Pads — The contoured shape — combined with multiple layers of varying foam densities supported by a foam “spring” — cradles the face and helps block wind noise

One-piece exhaust vent improves exhaust performance and aerodynamic stability

Top exhaust vent remains open at all times, assisting with extraction of heat and aiding in relief of moisture build-up in the eye port area that can cause shield fogging

Shell flares 5 mm around the base, making it easier to get the helmet on and off yet remains secure with the FCS2 cheek pads
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