Danny Gray Weekday Solo w/ Air- Diamond Stitch

Danny Gray Weekday Solo w/ Air- Diamond Stitch

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descriptionThe ultimate in low-profile touring just got pumped up

Driver and passenger portion of seat each have two inflatable air cells

The Airhawk's Comfort Seating System is now integrated into the seat

The results are the custom design and production capabilities of Danny Gray with Airhawk's clinician-approved Dry FloatationŽ technology

Airhawk's patented system eliminates painful pressure points and is fully customizable to each rider's contour

Now, riders can enjoy the same benefits they've always known of Airhawk but have them built into a revolutionary seat

With this patent-pending design, riders can also appreciate continuous airflow through the seat, reducing heat build-up and keeping them cool and dry; no hot seat

An integrated pump and relief valve makes it possible to adjust the air pressure while seated

Made in the U.S.A.
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