A2 Grind Cam-Big Twin

A2 Grind Cam-Big Twin

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descriptionCam bolts into 1966-84 (except 80-81) Big Twin engines with no head work

1980-81 engines the height of the stock H-D valve guides restricts spring travel (and cam lift) to .430" or less

Spring travel and clearance, plus clearance at main bearing boss must be checked on 80 and later models

More mid-range and high-end power; idle unaffected

Grind: A2

Intake Lift at TDC: Shovel: 0,156" Pan: 0,164"

Intake Open: 19

Intake Close: 43

Intake Lift: Shovel: 0,450" Pan: 0,470"

Intake Duration: 242

Exhaust Lift: Shovel: 0,450" Pan: 0,470"

Exhaust Duration: 248

Exhaust Lift at TDC: Shovel: 0,142" Pan: 0,150"

Exhaust Open: 50

Exhaust Close: 18
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