574 Cam-Reaper-Gear Drive-Twin Cam

574 Cam-Reaper-Gear Drive-Twin Cam

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descriptionPower band for modified engines and an excellent bolt-in for stock 96", 103" and 110" engines

Responds well to modified cylinder heads increased compression ratio, performance exhaust and intake systems

Extremely smooth cam-lobe design creates a smooth and quiet valvetrain

Performance valve springs required on 99-04 engines and performance pushrods and lifers recommended

2100-6500 RPM power range


Product Name: Camshaft

Type: Gear

Model: Reaper

Grind: 574 Series

Intake Open: 15

Intake Close: 45

Intake Lift: 0,574"

Intake Duration: 240

Exhaust Lift: 0,574"

Exhaust Duration: 255

Exhaust Open: 61

Exhaust Close: 14
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