CurbFX 2-Piece LED Light Projector Kits

CurbFX 2-Piece LED Light Projector Kits

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Introducing a new twist on underglow, the all-new XK Glow┬о CurbFX 2-Piece LED Light Projector Kits. This unique product mounts to the pinch weld or frame rail of your vehicle and projects the unique graphics backward. Available in three designs to best suit your style; tattoos, flames, or wings. The projector kits come standard with the XKchrome Bluetooth┬о controllers for endless possibilities. The left or right side graphic can also double as your amber turn signal. Light up the street like never before with the new CurbFX projector kits.

Mounted on each side of vehicle or behind to project unique ground patterns
Built-in turn signal and brake feature for additional safety
Sync light to music, speed or acceleration
16 million colors and color camera capture capability
15 holiday themes and DIY theme builder.

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