465 Cam-Reaper-M8

465 Cam-Reaper-M8

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descriptionProduces solid bottom-end performance and substantial gains above 2800 RPM compared to the stock cams

Direct bolt-in replacement for M-Eight engines; can be used with stock valve springs, pushrods, lifters and exhaust

Will respond well when used with slip-on mufflers or a full exhaust system and a high-flow air cleaner

Use of performance valve springs is not required but may result in a quieter, smoother-running valve train

Responds well when combined with increased engine bore and/or compression


Product Name: Cam

Type: Chain

Model: Reaper

Grind: 465 Series

Intake Open: 4

Intake Close: 23

Intake Lift: 0,445"

Intake Duration: 207

Exhaust Lift: 0,465"

Exhaust Duration: 236

Exhaust Open: 50

Exhaust Close: 6
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