Bullet 1000 Marker Lights

Bullet 1000 Marker Lights

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Kellermann's High Power LED Technology:
Longlife Protection Guard┬о, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked. This circuit, together with other measures, ensures that the LEDs achieve their possible lifespan, with maximum brightness and minimum power consumption.
The Bullet 1000┬о Collection:
This collection features Kellermann-HPT┬о(Homogeneous Projection Technology) for uniform, spectacularly bright light output. Features a high-quality metal case with a maximum diameter of 39mm, so it looks as discreet as jewelry when mounted. Available front and rear lighting variants.

White-Amber variant designed for use as a front application and provides a white halo running light which turns off when amber turn signal is activated; 3-wire setup
Red-Red-Amber variant designed for use as a rear application and provides red halo running, red brake and amber turn signal; 4-wire setup
High-quality metal housing
Suitable for 12-Volt DC applications
With M8 x 20 mounting thread
Silent rubber base protects the turn signal from damage caused by vibrations and accidental contact
Available in chrome or satin black finishes.

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