Orbit Prism 4-1/2" LED Passing Lamps with Multi-Color Halo

Orbit Prism 4-1/2" LED Passing Lamps with Multi-Color Halo

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The perfect high-powered complement to the top-selling Orbit Prism 7" LED Headlamp. Bluetooth controlled via downloadable iOS or Android app to customize outer halo ring with infinite color options. Powerful high-output LED's significantly enhance the rider's nighttime field of vision and all-around visibility.

Raw Lumen Output: 850 Passing Beam
Effective Lumen Output: 560 Passing Beam
Low-beam current draw: 0.85-Amps
Color temperature rating: 6,500K
Operated by Bluetooth Controller included with Orbit Prism Headlamp (free app must be downloaded to Android or iOS devices).
Uses standard H11 connector
Uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability
Durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
Exceeds applicable D.O.T. and Transport Canada requirements
Pigtail connector allows hardwired installation on custom applications
App Features:
Color spectrum-based app offers infinite halo ring color displays
Multiple variable display options including custom color cycles
20 pre-programmed pulse modes
Syncs to your device's music for custom pulse mode display
Disco pulse mode: accesses device microphones to capture ambient sound
Photo color referencing: take a picture and match the halo to any color.

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