Standard Series 1500 Lumens LED Bulbs

Standard Series 1500 Lumens LED Bulbs

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If physical fitment is an issue for your motorcycle, the Cyron Standard Series 1500 Lumens LED Bulbs are the answer for you. Small body size makes this bulb fit in more than 90% of housings. The idea behind the design of this light was to sacrifice a bit of power in order to give an installation option that would not be possible with traditional LED bulbs having mechanical cooling systems.

Superior color contrast in all road conditions
Low power draw will not drain battery
Smart Driver cooling system
DIY installation
Wide operating voltage
Remains bright regardless of battery condition.
90% beam accuracy
EMI noise free
IP21 weather resistant ingress
Single beam
One-year manufacturer's warranty.
Lumens: 1500 peak, 1100 nominal
Color Temp: 6500K
Peak Power: 16-Watts
Nominal Power: 11-Watts
Volts: 12-24
10,000 Hour Life.

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