Squareback Integrated LED Taillight

Squareback Integrated LED Taillight

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The Cyron Squareback Integrated LED Taillight features Run/Brake/Sequential-Turn functions and has a built-in ultra birght white license plate light. Provided electrical plug matches the stock plug, wires must be placed in the plug to match stock wire placement.

Clear or smoke lens
Rubber gasket for improved sealed housing
10-14.2-Volts DC operating power
8-Watts nominal LED power (brake mode); twice as bright as stock lights while drawing 1.5-Amp less current
Sequential turn signal connection is optional
One-year manufacturer's warranty.
Cluster of six center lights act as
1. Brake, high density bright red
2. Strobe light when brake
3. Turn amber for turn signal
4. 6-step sequential turn function.

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