Hydraulic Build-A-Clutch Line

Hydraulic Build-A-Clutch Line

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PVC hose coating adds great looks, abrasion protection to expensive parts and resistance to damaging UV rays. PTFE liner is an inert material, compatible with all hydraulic and brake fluids, has a heat range of -158° to 500° and shields brake systems from moisture, unlike other materials like nylon. Stainless steel braid is superior in pressure rating, flame resistance and volumetric expansion to all other materials, including Kevlar , resulting in unmatched stopping power. D.O.T. hoses feature Goodridge brand on hose. Coated and bare hose lines feature black or clear PVC coating, PTFE inner liner and beautifully chromed mild steel fittings with a 96 hour salt spray rating. Platinum lines feature a blingy, copper-woven coating with a protective PTFE cover.

Choice of platinum, stainless or ebony series braided hoses
All Goodridge brake hoses use the same premium stainless steel braided armor.

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