Zombie Infinity Horn Cover

Zombie Infinity Horn Cover

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descriptionUses multi-color LEDs to give the chrome skull's eyes and nose endless depth

Seven-color LEDs (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple or green) can be set for steady illumination, flashing, or continuously fading through all seven colors using the included controller

Compatible with other Kuryakyn Infinity or Lizard Light accessories


Control the light through an active array of colors and patterns with your smartphone and Bluetooth® wireless connection

Downloadable app provides the ability to set single-color solid illumination, single-color flash color with variable rate, or cycle through all seven colors (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple and green) in auto color mode

You control the rate at which the lights flash or fade from your Android or IOS powered smartphone

Engineered to draw minimal current

Bluetooth app can also be used with Kuryakyn's lighted Velocity Ring or Infinity Covers

Bluetooth Super Lizard Lights kit includes four seven-color Lizard Lights, bike-mounted on/off switch, Bluetooth® controller, four 9" extensions, two 12" extensions, alcohol pads, dielectric grease, cable ties and spare adhesive pads

Bluetooth control available separately; is a direct plug-in replacement so you can upgrade existing Lizard Lights kits to Bluetooth control
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