Twin Tuner Fuel Injection Controllers for 2001-2009 Twin-Cam with Delphi® System
Twin Tuner Fuel Injection Controllers for 2001-2009 Twin-Cam with Delphi® System

Twin Tuner Fuel Injection Controllers for 2001-2009 Twin-Cam with Delphi® System

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description· Increased horsepower

· Improved throttle response

· Easy plug-in installation and setup

· Very compact size - only 4"L x 2"W x ½"H

· Can use Dynojet Power Commander maps you have created

· Compatible with Twin Scan II+ Tuning Aid

· Low cost

The Twin Tuner allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection to match the requirements of performance parts including camshafts, free flowing exhausts, and low restriction air filters. You can add up to +30% or subtract down to -20% fuel.

You can use the mode and up/down pushbutton switches to make fuel trim adjustments in the RPM and throttle position ranges required by most applications. The fuel trim value is displayed on a bright daylight readable LED display.

The Twin Tuner also has an advanced mode, where you can use the optional USB Interface and PC Link Tuner software to make precise fuel adjustments. The PC Link Tuner software uses the same RPM rows and throttle position columns as the Dynojet Power Commander. If you have created Dynojet Power Commander files for your applications, you can enter the same values into our tables. You can make independent adjustments to the front and rear cylinders.

The Twin Tuner works great in combination with the Daytona Sensors Twin Scan II+ tuning aid. You don’t need a dyno for precise tuning. All you have to do is install the Twin Scan II+ and ride the bike around some. You can then copy the air/fuel ratio corrections calculated by the Twin Scan II+ into the PC Link Tuner software.

Buell® users please note that the standard Twin Tuner works with the 2008-2009 models with the new DDFI module that has two 34 pin Delphi® connectors including the new 1125R model with Rotax engine. P/N TWIN-TUNER-BUELL is for 2003-2007 models with the earlier DDFI module that has two 12 pin Deutsch connectors.

The new Twin Tuner EX version is 50 states street legal (ARB E.O. D-641). Fuel adjustments with the Twin Tuner EX are only allowed above 60% throttle position or 5000 RPM.

Easy Installation:

Installation takes only 10-15 minutes and is very easy, with no splicing, cutting, crimping, or bulky interconnections. All access is at the Delphi® ECM. The pictures below show a typical installation for a 36 pin Delphi® ECM. Installation on 2008-2009 touring models with 73 pin Delphi® ECM and Buell® models installation is similar, but different connectors are used. Refer to the instruction sheets for these models for more details. No special tools are required. Just disassemble the ECM connector using a small flat screwdriver as shown below, remove five wires from the ECM connector, insert these wires into our small mating connector, insert five new wires from the Twin Tuner into the ECM connector, and connect one ground wire. The unit is completely encapsulated and impervious to moisture. With a very low profile of only ½” and occupying a fraction of the space required by competitive products, you won’t have a problem finding a place to mount the unit.

Basic Tuning:

The Twin Tuner has a 10 position rotary mode switch used to select fuel trim parameters to edit, two digit LED display, and up/down pushbutton switches to change the parameter value. Fuel trim parameters are listed in the table below. Note that the rectangular LED to the left of the two digit LED is illuminated for negative values. You can use a small flat screwdriver to rotate the mode switch. You can make parameter changes on-the-fly with the engine running.
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