True-Dual-Down Under-Head Pipes

True-Dual-Down Under-Head Pipes
Item# 1802-0364
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Product Description :

1 3/4;" Headpipes with 2 1/4" Heat shields

Accept any 95-16 style mufflers that fit to stock headpipes, including Bassani Dresser mufflers

Mufflers sold separately

PART #1802-0297(Tri-Glide Adapter Kit) is used to mount

09-16 Head Pipes PART #s 1802-0277 and 1802-0278 on 09-16 H-D FL Trike

Must use '95-'16 OEM style mufflers.

CVO models will require brake pedal to be spaced 1/2"

Made in the U.S.A.