Thunder Tour Pack Speaker Lids and Razor Pack Base

Thunder Tour Pack Speaker Lids and Razor Pack Base

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descriptionThunder Custom Tour Pack and Razor Pack Base

2 Lid Styles

Choose from 2 Thunder styles for added speaker all-around-sound for the rider or passenger.

C-Cup: Speakers lay down further for extra passenger sound

D-Cup: More aggressive style with speakers pointing forward for extra sound for the driver

• Both styles accept 6.5” speakers

• Designed with sleek lines for ease of custom paint design and pin striping.

• Angled features for run off to prevent water pooling

• Lids are gel-coated resin transfer molded to hold a constant wall thickness around the flange face so it’s always flat and smooth for gasket seal. Carbon fiber reinforced at hinge and latch mounting locations for added strength.

• Thunder Lid mounts directly to OEM Harley base for use with existing base if using 1997 – 2013 H-D base.

• Speaker design and position allows for a standard H-D backrest to fit comfortably.

• Accepts standard Harley mounting hardware including latches, hinges, lock and backrest.

• Available with or without all mounting holes, including backrest holes, as requested.

Razor Pack Base:

• Sides are contoured and relieved to allow clearance for 2014 and newer saddle bags to open.

• Can be purchased separately if desired to use with factory H-D lid for a lower profile appeal.

• Gel-coated hand laid fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcement at hinge and latch mounting locations.

• Available with or without hinge and latch mounting holes as requested.

Additional Detail:

• Lids sold separately or combined with Thunder base for a complete new look.

• Available in black or white gel-coat, ready to prime and paint.

• High quality, Made in the USA
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