Super Stock® Ignition Kit for HD® Evolution® 111", 117", and 124" 1984-'99

Super Stock® Ignition Kit for HD® Evolution® 111", 117", and 124" 1984-'99
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Product Description :

Like the S&S Intelligent Spark Technology (IST®) ignition, the S&S Super Stock ignition system features a break-in rev limit function.

The break-in rev limit protects a new engine from damage with a fairly low initial rev limit.

As the new engine accumulates running time, the rev limit is gradually increased.

After 24 hours of operation the rev limit reaches the maximum of 6300 rpm.

All Super Stock ignitions sold with S&S complete engines have the break-in rev limiter enabled.

That is why we now give an extra year of warranty on most engines when sold with the Super Stock ignition system.

Super Stock ignition units not sold as part of a complete S&S engine are shipped with break-in rev limit turned off.

Authorized S&S dealers will be able to turn the break-in rev limiter on if desired, using the Super Stock Diagnostic Cable and software.


Single fire operation — requires a single fire coil for single spark plug applications

Dual plugged applications require a pair of two tower coils or a single four tower coil

Minimum 3.0Ù primary resistance

Overload and short circuit protected

VOES switches to less aggressive curve under load or hard acceleration

6300 rpm rev limiter

24 hour break in rev limiter — prevents damage during break-in

Data logging diagnostic capabilities

All modules can be set to kick start or electric start mode.