Steel Kore Rake Kit FOR 23 Inch Wheel - Black

Steel Kore Rake Kit FOR 23 Inch Wheel - Black
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Steel Kore Rake Kit is 3-way bolt-on rake kit that provides both the ideal rake angle and proper clearance between the front fender and the lower triple tree, all while maintaining the same safety standards as your stock touring bike. The combination of cutting-edge design and modern materials ensures the highest durability and best frame alignment of any rake kit in the market, you can confidently look forward to a safe and stylish ride—guaranteed.

This newest version of Steel Kore Rake Kit makes it possible to complete a 23 inch build without the need to make any changes to the inner components of the factory fork—in other words, there is now no need to extend your factory forks.

Key Features Below:

No Fork Extensions

ABS-Specific Black-Coated Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

Black Anodized Lower Triple Tree

1 inch Black Fork Cover Spacers

23 inch Wheel Steel Kore ABS Bearing

US Patent No.: 9,211,933 | 9,434,442 / EP Patent Application No: 15737470.3