Speed by Design Stub Nose Nacelle

Speed by Design Stub Nose Nacelle
Item# SBD-SFN-1
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Titan Price: $569.05
Vision X-LED Headlight:  Vision X Hi 4 Adapter: 
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For 1997 to Present Any Short Neck Road King

Part Number: SBD-SFN

Speed by Design Snub Nose Road King Nacelle is designed with 26 or 30 Short Neck Kits in mind.

While intended for a 5.75 inch diameter head light, the Snub Nose Nacelle will look best with the Vision X Vortex LED headlight.

The Snub Nose Nacelle is offered with either the bar clamp cover that accepts the Dakota Digital dash MCL-5200 Spiked Speedometer with Indicators or without.

The Snub Nose sold complete with bar clamp cover is $599.00 retail.


Urethane Headlight Nacelle

Handle Bar Clamp Cover

This option does not included Dakota Digital MCL-5200 Spike

Speedometer w/ Indicator

Additional Options:

Headlight Option 1 Vision X LED Headlight (+$399.00)

Vision X Hi 4 Adapter (+$23.95)

Keeps low beams on when high beam activated.

Weight 20 lbs

Dimensions 29 15 12 in


Do Not Add LED Headlight, Add Vision X LED Headlight, Add Smoked Headlight

Hi 4 Adapter

Add Hi 4 Adapter, Do Not Add Hi 4 Adapter