Softail/Dyna/Rocker/Breakout 49mm

Softail/Dyna/Rocker/Breakout 49mm

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descriptionHHI offers an industry leading triple tree product line, precision machined in our plant and then treated to a variety of show quality finishes. Our trees have a smooth top design hiding the fork tube and neck stem bolts for a true custom look. Our design utilizes hidden clamp bushings in the lower tree and a double ended insert threaded into the top of each fork tube to provide a clean, positive method of assembly. With generous corner rounding, large radius leading edges, no ball mills or logo's, our triple trees have the best look and at 1 1/2" thick give you the strength needed to provide lasting performance.

HHI 49mm triple trees are available in either 3 degree or 5 degree rake only. The 3 degree option works best as a stock replacement and will set the bike level using the OEM stock length fork tubes and increase the wheelbase approximately 1. HHI 5 degree trees can be used with the stock fork tubes when a larger front wheel size is desired such as when switching from a 19 wheel to a 21 wheel. Wheelbase typically increases by about 2 with the 5 deg trees.

The 49mm trees are also offered in two widths, Midglide (stock FXD Superglide, StreetBob, Lowrider) and Wideglide (stock FXDWG) / Softail Breakout, both with provision for a lower mount headlight, external fork stops and fork lock.
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