SMT Silencer Passenger Boards

SMT Silencer Passenger Boards
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This Passenger Board is sized for the Perfect Blend of Style & Practicality. Most other manufacturer's Passenger Boards are usually too BIG & BULKY. Especially when maneuvering or parking the Bike, they get in the way.

They're also an improvement from stock Harley passenger boards. We found that the locking mechanism on stock doesn't allow the board to flip up & stay there. We've fixed this problem, these boards will flip up & STAY UP. Also, when they're folded down you don't see any of the ugly Harley brackets.

Here's another problem we fixed. WE WANTED TO MAKE YOUR LADIES ABSOULUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE these boards. It only makes sense considering they're the ones using them. They're ergonomically designed with comfort in mind to fit the contour of a woman's foot, no matter the size. Trust us – We took everything into account when designing these babies. Besides – Let’s be honest, they're some of the sickest Passenger Boards you've ever seen!

Sold in Left and Right Pairs. Mounts on existing Passenger floor board mounts.