Shaved Saddlebags

Shaved Saddlebags
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Tired of that huge clunky latch assembly on the outside of your Harley-Davidson saddlebags? The Shaved Saddlebags is one of Bad Dad's newest innovations that allow you to take your Custom Bagger to an entirely new level!

Bad Dad's Shaved Saddlebags utilize a custom hinge assembly that allow these Stretched Saddlebags to be completely smooth on the outside with absolutely no external hardware. Not only do the Shaved Saddlebags look great when the shaved lids are closed, but they look absolutely killer when they are open!

Bad Dad's Shaved Saddlebags are 4-1/2" longer than stock length bags. The custom hinge assembly allows for a completely smooth external surface and custom opening angle.

Fully lockable and includes matching keyed locks. Available with no lights, or with Bad Dad's range of custom surface mount and flush mount LEDs.

Available with no exhaust, single exhaust, or dual exhaust ports. Includes Shaved Saddlebags, Shaved Saddlebag Lids, and Custom Hinge Assembly.

Fits 1993-2013 Touring models and Softail & Road Star models equipped with Bad Dad's Saddlebag Mounting Kits. All of Bad Dad's custom parts are proudly made in the USA.

Patent Pending.