SAMSON Challenger Series "Wild Cat"

SAMSON Challenger Series "Wild Cat"
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Product Description :

SAMSON Challenger Series "Wild Cat"

Fits 1991-2005 Dyna Glide Models

This performance exhaust system called the Challenger Series, with a high tech patented baffle. The baffle as we call it “the Varitech Baffling System ” is a unique perforated reverse cone that forms a nozzle to create velocity while drawing exhaust away from the head. This revolutionary configuration creates a tremendous amount of increased power and performance. And we have created the Challenger Series in two awesome styles for you. there’s an open design for that bad-ass SAMSON sound and then we have the stealth design too.

Mounting hardware included

Improves gas mileage

Installer Friendly

Awesome Deep Tone

Exclusive Show Quality Quad Chrome Finish

Limited 1 year warranty

02 pair of baffles.

Full Coverage Head Pipe Heat Shields