Raid Chrome

Raid Chrome
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Raid Chrome Disc Rotor

Inspired by classic hot rod styling with the modern twist of thin spokes resting between massive pocketed main spokes, the Raid is a throwback with a forward lean. The Raid design will look stylish on anything that needs an attitude change.

High grade 420 stainless steel replaceable outer bands and Billet aluminum CNC-machined inner carriers

Cross drilled bands for increased ventilation and blanchard ground bands ensure precise and even tolerance

11.5" and 300mm rotors are fixed

Rear rotors are drilled for standard HD bolt pattern 3-1/4 X 5 X 3/8

All rotor carriers are counter bored with 2.22 I.D

A reducer spacer (part# 1710-0636) is sold separately for 1.985 I.D.