The Perfect Storm Kit with Mach 2 Air Cleaner & Tuner

The Perfect Storm Kit with Mach 2 Air Cleaner & Tuner
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The Perfect Storm Kit by Kuryakyn


“The Perfect Storm” will transform a weak and quiet stock motor to a thundering beast that is both more powerful and more efficient. The key to unlocking the power is allowing the motor to breath. Power is achieved with the combination of a Kuryakyn high flow air cleaner, true dual head pipes, crusher mufflers and the TTS Master Tune engine management system. The high flow air cleaner and crusher exhaust system are the components that help to free up the motor and allow it to breath. Controlling it all is the TTS Master Tune. The TTS Master Tune is a revolutionary piece of equipment that gives you total control over your ECU that actually recalibrates the computer rather than trick it to simply add fuel. Reprogramming the ECU can be done with or without a dyno; and thanks to the data logger and V- tune generator functions included with the Master Tune anyone can tune their bike using a laptop computer. Not only is overall power increased but the motor also becomes more efficient and consumes less fuel.

Why is it the perfect storm?

•The most cost effective engine mod for the money

•Each part compliments the other (key ingredients, need all to benefit)

•Increased performance

1.Power is gained at all rpm ranges

2.Close to 15hp increase at the wheel

• Increased mileage

1. With increased power the motor does not need to work as hard

•Cooler running

1.More efficient combustion does not create as much heat

2.No more dropping the rear cylinder to cool down, alternates between front and rear

•Deep defining sound (no decal popping)

•Bolt on, easy installation

1.All parts can be installed with hand tools

2.TTS can be downloaded with any computer (with optional link cables)

•Customizable (choose different mufflers, air cleaners)

•Upgradable (cams, big bore, big throttle body, ported heads)

1.All components of “the perfect storm” are designed and capable of handling high output motor builds