New Style Viper Kit 2014 -  Present
Item# TS-NWVIP-14-18
List Price: $2,400.00
Titan Price: $2,280.00
You Save: $120.00 (5%)
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Product Description :

Our 2014-18 Harley Touring NewStyle Viper 4.5 CVO Kit

Can be put on a older years just need to run new lids and hinges(we offer those too)we do offer the 09-13 viper kits.

Our vipers give you more cornering while riding!

All our parts are designed and manufactured in house by Topshop Mitchell, SD USA.

Our kits are vacuum infused composite that is super ridged and strong.

Will withstand hot temperatures in summer with no Shrinking or getting.

Our parts are offer primed only and bags are finished inside with a industrial carpet!

Our kits come with our new super bright CVO lights that everyone will see you.

Our lights can be cleaned or get chemicals on lens without melting them like our cheap brands!

Complete Viper kit comes with Bags, fender, side covers, plate frame, lights w/harness

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