LEGEND SUSPENSION 13"  REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FL Coil - Standard - (BLACK) 99'-08' TOURING MODELS

LEGEND SUSPENSION 13" REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FL Coil - Standard - (BLACK) 99'-08' TOURING MODELS

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descriptionREVO coils provide improved plush ride quality, control, and resistance to bottoming-out

REVO's extended coil length has larger "sweet spot" without increasing overall shock length

Allows minimal pre-load adjustments by hand when changing between riders' weights or loads

Adjusts by hand, no tools needed

Available in 13" and 14" (EU: 33,02 cm and 25,56 cm), standard or heavy-duty applications

Easy installation and alignment, provided by spherical bearings on both top and bottom

35 mm monotube construction

Deflective disc valve stacks

Balanced/Matched piston and base-valve design specific for these motorcycle applications

Low friction sealing system and PTFE based sliding bearings for improved performance and feel

Provides optimum rebound and compression performance for any given rider weight, personal ride quality preference, or personal riding style

Features independent compression and rebound damping adjustors that are specifically designed to make fast, precise, and repeatable changes to ride comfort and performance with a simple turn of a knob

Nitrogen gas bladder design allows ultra-fast response and stiction-free movement Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference

Aggressive to casual riding styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference

FL: Heavy Duty applications are recommended for 500lb. (EU: 226,80 kg) + rider and passenger total weight.

DYNA, FXR, SPORTSTER: Heavy Duty application are recommended for 250lb. (EU: 113,40 kg) + rider and passenger total weight. Also consider Heavy Duty if the majority of your riding is 2-UP, stunt riding, or aggressive riding style.
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