Kerker Stout Slip-On Mufflers

Kerker Stout Slip-On Mufflers
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Product Description :

Fits FLH, FLT Models 1995-2018

4" chrome bodied units feature a billet aluminum end cap (pre-installed) and newly shaped inlets that flow better into the O.E.M. Head Pipe (as well as SuperTrapp® True Dual Head Pipes).

Measures 95.6db (per J2825 standard-stock is 93.2). The Kerker units utilize a slightly more standard core that targets a slightly higher spread of power, more mid-range RPM up through Redline (+9.6 hp and +8.9 lb-ft.); they are also slightly louder than the SuperTrapp® version, measuring 97 dB (per J2825 standard.)