J&M ROKKER XXR 350W 2-Ch Amp Kit 15-19 Roadglide

J&M ROKKER XXR 350W 2-Ch Amp Kit 15-19 Roadglide

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descriptionFull range class G digital amplifier

Spec’d at 175watts RMS per channel X2 channels 350w total, driven continuous into a 2 ohm load @ 14.4vdc

Stainless steel 2-piece bracket system, provides solid and secure mounting while blocking amplifier heat from being transferred to the radio

These amplifiers are now fully programmable thru the internal digital signal processor

Dialed in for model specific speaker configuration, to provide maximum highway performance from your Harley Davidson audio system

Custom made plug-n-play wiring harnesses are included with this amplifier kit

Top quality heavy gauge power/ground wires are used for the fused battery connection

Comes with all necessary mounting hardware & complete installation/operation instructions

Amplifier itself measures 7 ¼” X 4 ¾“ X 1 ¾”
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