5.25" Speaker Upgrade

5.25" Speaker Upgrade

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descriptionHOGTUNES 5.25" Speaker Upgrade

Fitment Guide:

914.2: Fronts for 1998-2005 Bikes, 4ohm

902.2-AA: Fronts for 2006+ Bikes, 2ohm

112.2: Rears for 1998-2005 Bikes, 4ohm

117.2-AA: Rears for 2006+ Bikes, 2ohm

After 5 years with the speaker that put Hogtunes on the map, it was time for a change! Since Hogtunes designs all our products from the ground up for motorcycle applications, we are constantly experimenting with new speaker technologies as they come available.

This new front speaker features a proprietary “Hybrid” magnet assembly that helps the speaker play a minimum 20% louder than previous models. We have also made the tweeter 25% larger than before that gives much better “presence” at highway speeds.

These speakers are a direct replacement for 1998-2005 touring bikes with Factory Radio’s or any 98-current bike with an aftermarket car radio, and use the same electrical connections as stock making installation a snap!

These new speakers are conservatively rated at 50 watts RMS power handling and feature Hogtunes 20 year warranty.
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