HogTunes 300 Watt 2 Channel Amp

HogTunes 300 Watt 2 Channel Amp

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description150 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms

Includes easy to install mounting plates for Street Glide Ultras models

Wild Boar Class D amp with R.E.M.I.T. Exclusive to Powersports Audio Brands!

Reduced EMI Technology (R.E.M.I.T.) gives superb FM reception from a class D amp

Made specifically to work best with factory HD radio. No crossover, gain, or EQ adjustments make installation very easy

Amplifier designed around small factory charging system 100% plug and play

Includes beautiful 10 gauge power harness

Average current draw (music) 12.8 amps @ 13.8V

Amp will auto shut off below 10.5V to protect bikes charging system

Discrete surface mount technology

DC sensing turns amp on/off without additional wiring

WBAURH (Drag Part #2120-0900) is required if installing on any Ultra Model if you want the fader to work

May require a OEM or Techno Research dealer radio "reflash" for best performance
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